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Sympathy and Funeral Flowers

Remember Funeral Casket Flowers Especially During Covid

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The most purposeful and important floral arrangement I've ever made was a funeral casket spray here in Dallas. To honor someone's life and to add beauty to their ceremony felt so significant and memorable.

In addition to weddings, floral arrangements have historically been used in funerals, memorial ceremonies, and celebrations of life - - to express feelings, whether happy or sad. Oftentimes it can be difficult for those mourning the loss of a loved one to put their feelings into words, so flowers such as casket sprays and standing easel sprays, and wreaths can act as these expressions of condolences, comfort, love and respect.


photo by FlowerWorkshop Casket funeral flowers Dallas, TX

During this Covid year, it is anything but ‘business as usual’ in the funeral industry. Many are not able to pay their respects in traditional ways, such as attending a funeral or memorial service. Some funeral homes are limiting visitors, or staggering when and how many guests are able to attend at the same time. Live-streaming a service has become quite a common practice. Having a casket spray or easel sprays during these streams can create a background of warmth and beauty, while also honoring the deceased.

Photo By Porch And Prairie Funeral Flowers Spray in Dallas, Texas

While my hope is that no one needs funeral casket sprays or sympathy flowers anytime soon, these offerings are some of my favorite pieces to create.

I love helping honor others’ loved ones with a design that brings meaning, beauty, and healing to a difficult time.

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Photo By Christinas Blomster Funeral Casket Flowers in Dallas, Texas