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Using Flowers to Elevate your High-End Retail Setting

Why Luxury Brands Should Invest In Floral Installation, Florals For Activations, And In-Store Experiential Events

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What do flowers have to do with high-end retail settings? I am of the opinion that luxury-brand retailers should consistently have fresh flowers in their stores. For a luxury brand, flowers display an unspoken message that you are above the rest, and they provide a multi-sensory retail experience. Not only can floral arrangements transform any space, lowers reduce stress, and increase happiness by triggering our brain's "feel good" neurotransmitters (dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin) - further enhancing the shopping experience.

Installing a gorgeous arrangement or two in your boutique is great, and there are so many other activations to engage customers for an experience they will remember for a long time.

Flower Bouquet Bar or Branded Floral Cart Invite a florist to bring several different types of stems and greenery, and have your clients experience being a floral designer by creating their own take-home bouquet. Use branded floral-wrap or vases. Imagine the memorable experience Chanel created with this flower cart:

Claire Rathbun Dallas Event Florist Chanel Branded Flower Cart

Do It For The Gram Instagrammable moments are what it is all about, right? Have a floral designer create your logo in flowers on a wall. East Olivia out of NYC is a master at these types of installations, as seen in this photo of the Mastercard logo:


Claire Rathbun Dallas Event Florist Branded Logo Made of Flowers by East Olivia

Another option is to create an outdoor floral installation at your entrance like in this photo of one of my favorite floral designers in London, Olesya Panova…

Claire Rathbun Dallas Event Florist Floral Display At Luxury Retail Store

Fashion Week When it comes time to introduce your Fall or Spring line to your clientele, send your VIPs an arrangement beforehand to get the excited. Incorporate blooms in complementary hues that are also in the garments. Don’t forget to send flowers for birthdays and for ‘thank you’ gifts!

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