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Sophisticated Halloween Florals

Moody and Haunting Flowers For Your Home

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Decorating for holidays is absolutely not my strength. I want to be that person...the person that has a welcoming and seasonal front porch, and all the festive holiday decorations throughout the interior of my home. Every year, I vow to buy a bunch of fun things at the end of each season (to get the best deals, of course), yet I never do it.

Even though I don’t have a ton, Halloween decorations are probably what I have the most of...second only to Christmas decor. I definitely prefer the more 'twisted and dark' motifs...the skulls, bones, gravestones, ravens, etc...moreso than the cute pumpkins, ghosts, and black cats.

I found a few images of floral arrangements that are perfect for a Halloween party for adults...sophisticated, “moody”, and haunting:


Haunting and Moody floral arrangement for Halloween

This arrangement above, by Honestly Yum, has one of my favorite Halloween decorations...a skull!

Haunting and Moody Floral Arrangement for Halloween

This beautiful arrangement is by Livettes Wallpaper. The dark and sophisticated color palette will look stylish well after Halloween.

Haunting and Moody floral arrangement for Halloween

Of course Martha Stewart gives us this stunning arrangement, which I cannot stop drooling over!

Haunting and Moody floral arrangement for Halloween

Lastly, this Halloween floral arrangement from Archive Rentals is a wonderful example of contrasting black and white.

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