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4 Fall Floral Trends For Your Holiday Table

· Fall

According to MarketWatch, 74% of consumers say that their family holiday get-togethers will be smaller than usual this Fall, to minimize the risk of Covid-19 transmission. Between 72% and 75% will be traveling less or not at all this holiday season. For my business, I see these statistics as opportunities to help my clients beautify their homes and tablescapes, and spread more joy during these times. If we’re going to be spending more time at home, why not create an extra-special and elevated environment for yourself and your loved ones? Plus, less money spent on travel means you’ll have extra in the fall-decor budget. Here are some ways to incorporate fall floral trends in your home this season:

Dried & Preserved - these are not your grandmother’s dried flowers! This trend (which was already on the rise, thanks to the hipster florists that I love & follow) made a fun comeback earlier this Spring when the floral supply chain went down for a bit and fresh flowers were difficult to come by. These items are dyed and tinted in the most fun colors! Pampas grass, bunny tails, and fan palms are my favorites.

Mixed Greenery and Textures - this look expresses a refined sophistication. Adding subtle pops of color can be festive without looking “fussy”. Personally, I also love to design with berries, dried pods, and autumn foliage.

Fall Floral Centerpiece in Autumn Colors Using Berries and Pampas Grass

Colors: Fall floral color trends mirror what’s “in” for fashion. I’m seeing wine-reds, rusts, celery green, oranges, and tan/neutrals.

Produce: I absolutely love using produce when designing a centerpiece. This season, incorporate little squashes and pumpkins (of course!), apples, berries, kale, or persimmons.

This season, let’s have mindsets of abundance instead of scarcity - enjoy the people we are able to be around and celebrate with...and treat ourselves to beauty, not only in our food but also in our flowers!