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Flowers For Your Home

Elevate your Private Residence With Floral Arrangements

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Vase floral arrangements are often given as gifts to someone else, or used in celebrations.

Let us normalize having flowers in the home on a regular basis...a gift to ourselves and our families, if you will.

There is actually science that proves having flowers in our homes provides physical and emotional benefits. Research conducted by the American Society For Horticulture Science has revealed that fresh flowers actually have the capacity to ease physical pain and feelings of anxiety. The study, which sought to find out whether or not plants have any therapeutic qualities for surgical patients, divided 90 patients into two rooms, one of which was filled with plants. The participants that stayed in the foliage-filled space showed significantly improved results than those who did not.

A beautiful vessel is a plus, but certainly not a requirement. You may have an elegant china cache pot or soup tureen, a crystal bowl, a silver julep cup...all of these items make perfect containers for floral arrangements for your home. If you prefer a more casual aesthetic, an empty tin or jam jar will work just fine!

Many might be wondering at this point what style of flowers should you order for your home. Grocery store floral departments often have pre-made mixed bouquets that you can place in your vase - so that is one option. If you prefer to ‘level it up’ a bit, I have a few suggestions for you. One type of floral arrangement for the home that I love is grouping one type of flower ‘En Masse”. A vase full of all pink tulips or all yellow blooming forsythia branches is quite impactful and cheerful! Flowerbx in London has mastered this you can see from this photo:

Claire Rathbun Dallas Event Florist Floral Arrangements For The Home

Another look I love is a “Vignette” grouping of flowers. Gather several vases that are similar in style and relatively close in size and place stems in each one at different heights. You will create such an interesting look, like these amazing pink peonies in gold vessels:

Claire Rathbun Dallas Event Florist Floral Arrangements For The Home

0r this beautiful vignette from the blog “Sanctuary Home Decor”:

Claire Rathbun Dallas Event Florist Floral Arrangements For The Home

No matter the size, our homes are our sanctuaries and we are spending more time there - you deserve the benefits that flowers in your home will bring you! I would love to see the flowers you place in your home - please share photos with me!


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