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Flowers for Easter and Passover Celebrations

Elevate Your Table and Home For These Spring Celebrations

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Easter and Passoverare two important religious holidays in the Christian and Jewish (respectively) faiths that are both full of symbolism and family gatherings. In Christianity, Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, while Passover celebrates the freedom of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. A ‘typical’ Easter gathering would be brunch or lunch after church, and Passover includes a special ritual dinner called Seder on the first night.

Both of these traditions, as well as other religious holidays for Spring, present opportunities for decorating with flowers. Dining table centerpieces are the obvious, floral arrangements in your entry, side table, coffee tables, etc.

Sending Flowers As an Easter or Passover Gift

Passover Seders and Easter meals require a ton of preparation by the hosts, so they'll likely be very busy planning, cooking, cleaning, etc. If you're planning on sending a Jewish or Christian friend a gift for Passover or Easter, you may want to choose a centerpiece floral element that they can simply place on their table. What a thoughtful gift! You can also send a potted plant of lilies or narcissus that he or she can place somewhere else in their home. I love this basket arrangement I saw in Southern Lady Magazine:

Claire Rathbun Dallas Event Florist Spring Easter Centerpiece

Some popular choices for Easter or Passover flowers are Lilies of course...other spring blooms include: tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, iris, daisies, lily of the valley, violets, pansies, lilies, carnations, gerbera daisies, pussywillow, and flowering branches such as forsythia and cherry blossoms. Even as I write this I am daydreaming about the pastel sorbet color palettes of these flowers! Speaking of color, I believe the color blue is frequently used in a seder table setting, as seen here in this photo from the blog Fashionable Hostess:

Claire Rathbun Event Florist Easter Passover Table

Flowers make a wonderful gift for Easter or Passover, and if you are the host - treat yourself! You deserve it after all of your hard work, and having flowers on your table will bring joy to yourself and your guests, and glory to God for His beauty in nature!

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