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    Boutique Floral Design Studio Specializing in High End Florals for Events, and Installations for Businesses and Private Residences.


    In addition to a limited number of full service wedding florals, Claire Rathbun Floral also offers a carefully curated menu of items ranging from bouquets and boutonnieres to ceremony arrangements, as well as centerpieces for your reception. The menu is limited and looks to provide the most impact for your day. This allows for simplicity for the engaged couple.


    Our purpose is to honor and glorify God through our work, and to spread joy through flowers.

    10% of our profits are donated to benefit the homeless students of the Dallas Independent School District. More on that here.


    Contact Claire Rathbun today at 214-789-5017 or clairerathbun@gmail.com to chat about floral designs for your environment.

  • Event Florals

    No matter the size of your gathering, Claire Rathbun Floral can design floral elements to transform your event into a luxurious celebration. We take on a number of high-end events, from an intimate dinner party in the home to a large gala. While every event is different and every design we do is custom, you may get a better idea of what event florals cost by clicking here.
    To discuss your upcoming event, please contact us with your details and we will be in touch with you quickly.

    Claire Rathbun Dallas Event Florist
  • Private Residential

    Having fresh flowers in your home can transform any room. Studies show that flowers not only beautify your private residence, they also enhance your well-being.
    Fresh flowers is not only an affordable luxury, it is self-care.
    Consider getting an arrangement delivered to your home once a week, or even once a month. Claire Rathbun Floral can work with your existing vessels. Contact us here, or call (214) 789-5017, and let's discuss how flowers can enhance the aesthetic of your private residence. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Retail/Hospitality

    For a luxury brand, flowers display an unspoken message that you are above the rest, and they provide a multi-sensory consumer experience. Not only can floral arrangements transform any space, flowers reduce stress, and increase happiness by triggering our brain's "feel good" neurotransmitters (dopamine, seratonin, oxytocin) - further enhancing the client experience.

    Contact us here or call (214) 789-5017 to discuss...

    *Arrangements for your establishment

    *Shop windows

    *Exterior/Entrance installations

    *Instagram-able moments

    *Gifting for VIP clientele


  • Sympathy/Funeral

    Oftentimes it can be difficult for those mourning the loss of a loved one to put their feelings into words, so flowers such as casket sprays and standing easel sprays can act as these expressions of condolences, comfort, love and respect.

    While my hope is that no one needs funeral casket sprays or sympathy flowers anytime soon, these offerings are some of my favorite pieces to create.

    I love helping honor others’ loved ones with a design that brings meaning, beauty, and healing to a difficult time.

    To view and purchase our funeral pieces, please visit here. Before or after ordering, please contact us at (214) 789-5017 or by clicking here, so we can discuss the floral color palette for this most important ceremony. We deliver to most Dallas zip codes, and can confirm this when speaking to you.

  • Weddings

    Claire Rathbun Floral takes on a very limited number of full-service weddings each year. Our minimum wedding floral budget is $7,500. Please send an inquiry about this process by contacting us here.

    We invite you to explore below some typical wedding items and a general investment level you can expect for each. Please be in touch with any questions - we look forward to serving you!

    Bridal Bouquet: $180 - $350
    Bridesmaid Bouquet: $65 - $150
    Boutonniere: $15 - $25
    Floral Arch: Starting around $2,000 and up to $10,000...depending on how ‘lush’ and full.
    Elevated Arrangement: Between $250 and $750
    Medium Centerpiece: Between $100 and $300
    Cocktail Table Arrangements: Between $45 and $65
    Flower Wall/Instagram-able Moment: Depending on size and flower type, these could start as low as $3,500 and go beyond $10,000. Plan on (at least) around $200 per SF.








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  • Helping Homeless Students

    Claire Rathbun Floral donates 10% of profits to helping the homeless students of Dallas Independent School District.

    Dallas ISD Homeless Education Department

    Services Provided by the Homeless Education Program Include:

    • Establish stability for children in transition in order to succeed in school. 
    • McKinney-Vento training to shelters, parents, community organizations, and District personnel.
    • Collaboration with community organizations to provide homeless students uniforms.
    • Assure homeless students maintain grade level performance during periods of transition.
    • Collaboration with community organizations to provide after-school and holiday programming.
    • LGBTQ services
    • To view the Amazon wish list for this department, please click here

    Fannie C. Harris Youth Center

    The mission of the Fanni C. Harris Youth Center is to improve life outcomes and promote self-sufficiency by giving unsheltered high school students a safe place and offering education as a pathway out of homelessness and poverty.

    Preston Hollow Advocate Article

    The bell rings at 8:50 a.m. at Thomas Jefferson High School and students drift into Room 161. A writing prompt on the white board asks, “Since you became a teenager, what is the greatest challenge you have faced?” For senior, Michael, and three others that day, it’s homelessness. In addition to the DISD-provided free breakfast program, volunteer Claire Rathbun is there each Friday with extra food, a smile and encouraging words. (To continue reading, click here ).

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