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    Boutique Floral Design Studio Specializing in High End Bespoke Florals, Home Installations, & Custom Event Experiences

    Claire Rathbun Floral also offers a carefully curated menu of items ranging from bouquets and boutonnieres to ceremony arrangements, as well as centerpieces for your reception. The menu is limited and looks to provide the most impact for your day. This allows for simplicity for the engaged couple.

    Our purpose is to honor and glorify God through our work, and to spread joy through flowers.

    10% of our profits are donated to benefit the homeless students of the Dallas Independent School District. More on that here.


    Contact Claire Rathbun today at 214-789-5017 or clairerathbun@gmail.com to chat about floral designs for your environment.

  • Wedding Collections

    The effortless wedding flower solution in Dallas..luxury and simplicity.

    How It Works

    • Select the items you would like us to design.
    • Choose your color palette for each item.
    • Provide your event day delivery details & make payment.
    • We'll create your beautiful blooms and deliver them to you!
    • After ordering, click here to send us the details of your special day.

    Is a curated wedding collection right for you?

    Wedding collections take the stress out of ordering wedding flowers. We have carefully curated a menu of popular items including bouquets & boutonnieres, corsages, centerpieces, cake flowers, etc. The menu is limited and is designed to provide the most impact for your day. This is for the couple who values luxury with a simple ordering process. The benefit to you is there is no 'overwhelm' due to too many choices, and the ease of our online ordering process.


    Our wedding collections are perfect for couples who love the look of the Claire Rathbun Floral design style, but are happy to leave the details to us - there's no need for a formal consultation. Simply submit your order online and we'll touch base closer to your event to confirm delivery details and timing.

    Wedding Collections Menu

    • Lush Bridal Bouquet - An abundant bridal bouquet featuring the best blooms the season has to offer. Select your color palette and we'll craft a stunning design just for you! 
    • Bridesmaid Bouquet - A smaller version of our bridal bouquet, created in your chosen color palette.
    • Boutonniere - Petite floral accents for the gentlemen.  
    • Corsage - Wearable floral accents for the ladies, created in your selected color palette.  Choose either a lapel corsage or wrist corsage.
    • Table Centerpiece - Medium size arrangement in your chosen color palette.
    • Cake Flowers - 10 to 12 blooms to be used as cake blooms or as styling flowers. 
    • Place your order today - order here .
    • After ordering, click here to send us the details of your special day.

    Common Questions

    Q & A

    Who is this service best suited for?

    Our wedding collections are most appropriate for couples looking for an easy solution and are happy to leave the design details to the experts.


    Why is the menu limited?

    Our menu includes the most popular wedding flower items. We also know these items, created in our style, provide the most impact and best value.


    What color palettes are available?
    We've curated a very special collection of four color palettes and will use the best blooms of the season in line with the palette you choose. See our color selections on this page, next to this Q & A...


    Can I pick up my flowers from your studio?

    We don't offer a pick-up option and will deliver your flowers instead. Your finished flowers will be very delicate and we want them to arrive to you in perfect condition. Transporting flowers safely requires a lot of time and know-how so let us take care of that for you.


    Will you replicate an image I supply to you?

    You deserve more than a recreating of someone else's bouquet. You and your partner have a unique story to tell and we feel so blessed to be part of your day. Leave it to us to make one bespoke for you!


    When should I place my order?

    We require a minimum of 28 days notice and suggest placing your order 2 - 4 months before your wedding day.


    Do you have a minimum order?

    Yes, our minimum order is $350.


    Can I receive a refund if I change my mind?

    If you've placed an order and want to cancel, we will provide a 50% refund if you contact us at least 28 days prior to your flower delivery date. Within 30 days of your delivery date, no refund will be available.


    What if I want a formal consultation?

    We don't offer consultations with our wedding collections. They're designed to be very straight-forward for you to order so leave the details to us. Place your order online, select your color palette and our design team will handcraft your wedding flowers in our studio. And deliver them to you on the day! Easy as that.


    When will my flowers be delivered?

    We'll connect with you in the lead up to your wedding day to finalize the delivery details, ensuring the timing suits your photographer's requirements and the schedule for your day.


    Where do you deliver?

    All across DFW! We deliver within a 40 mile radius of downtown Dallas. If your wedding is happening outside of this 40 mile radius, we're always happy to provide a recommendation on a florist in your area. Delivery is $100 flat fee.


    How do I pay?

    Place your order online and you'll have the option of paying by Visa, Mastercard, PayPal. Payment in full is required before your order is confirmed.


    Place your order today by clicking here.

    After ordering, give us the details of your special day by clicking here.













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    Please select from these products.

    $350 minimum order required.

    Cake Flowers
    Cake Flowers
    10 to 12 blooms to be used as cake blooms or as styling flowers for a flat-lay, picture frame, etc.
    Coming soon
    Adorn a table with a lush medium-sized centerpiece, created in the signature Claire Rathbun Floral style. Review the color palette options in the Q & A. Select your color palette from the list below.
    Coming soon
    Delicate details for the boys.
    Coming soon
    Bridesmaid Bouquet
    Bridesmaid Bouquet
    An abundant bouquet featuring the season's best blooms, created in the signature Claire Rathbun Floral style. Bouquet is finished with satin ribbon. Review the color palette options in the Q & A section. Select your color palette from the list below.
    Coming soon
    Bridal Bouquet
    Bridal Bouquet
    A delicate mix of seasonal blooms and textures, created in the signature Claire Rathbun Floral style. Bouquets are finished with satin ribbon. Review the color palette options in the Q & A section. Select your color palette from the list below.
    Coming soon
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  • Helping Homeless Students

    Claire Rathbun Floral donates 10% of profits to helping the homeless students of Dallas Independent School District.

    Dallas ISD Homeless Education Department

    Services Provided by the Homeless Education Program Include:

    • Establish stability for children in transition in order to succeed in school. 
    • McKinney-Vento training to shelters, parents, community organizations, and District personnel.
    • Collaboration with community organizations to provide homeless students uniforms.
    • Assure homeless students maintain grade level performance during periods of transition.
    • Collaboration with community organizations to provide after-school and holiday programming.
    • LGBTQ services
    • To view the Amazon wish list for this department, please click here

    Fannie C. Harris Youth Center

    The mission of the Fanni C. Harris Youth Center is to improve life outcomes and promote self-sufficiency by giving unsheltered high school students a safe place and offering education as a pathway out of homelessness and poverty.

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